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9 Cleaning Robot Technology and Best sellers in the USA

9 Cleaning Robot Technology and Best sellers in the USA
If you are using a mop or broom to clean the house yet, we will recommend it with some fancy new way to clean a closet or room. Robot self-cleaning cat litter dust in here, for future cleanup.

The Mop of the Future
Rosie the Robot Jetson era after the family washing space, Americans are dreaming of a better way to clean. Robot maid cleaning technology while not perfect and we found that rapid progress.
If you are using a mop or broom to clean the house yet, we will recommend it with some fancy new way to clean a closet or room. Robot self-cleaning cat litter dust in here, for future cleanup.
Roomba it comes to the future of clean technology, the 800-pound robot is the Roomba in the living room. (Okay, it's like 8 more pounds.)
The company's consumer robotics company iRobot 10 years ago, almost to the floor to introduce a small area around the house dust of your robot is to use infrared technology to sense and avoid obstacles.
When it is complete, return to the docking station for charging, and all you have to do is check that the cleaning of debris and occasional. Depending on the model generation and you get, you can pay anywhere from $ 200 to $ 600
Only convenient for those who can not be bothered to clean the Roomba is not it also be used for endless entertainment ranging from DJ robot cat from the transportation system is the source of.
Mint Roomba has produced many imitators, and if there is, that it is a clean mint robotic evolution.
If it is dominated by the hard floor rather than your living room carpet, mint, self-cleaning robot navigation, it is best. This device is more from Swiffer Vacuum is a robot like microfiber cloths and wet and dry. It might be just $ 199.
Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box
One of the advantages of some of them have cats than dogs, and is not to take their foot. The only catch was: If you do not clean the litter box regularly at home to last you a very, very smelly.
Please enter your LITTERMAID. Sense the self-cleaning cat toilet box when your cat enters the box when it goes, it is to scoop the waste containment unit automatically closed. Can operate up to a week the system is good if you (the video on the website, the security of the system is guaranteed not to draw the dirt on your cat with it. For the owner of the cat rapidly to ensure public spokesperson) to travel for several days, I did not want to hire a full-time cat sitter. Models range in price from $ 130 to $ 200
As your police procedural, crime scene investigators, always wear special glasses, they broke out the black light, so you know, I can see the hidden DNA evidence ?
Even if you have a pet that you committed the crime themselves,, have on your carpet, you can use this handy tool from the devil at the same thing. Portable devices are designed to clean up pet accidents, special smell and comes with a special pet stain and upholstery cleaner. But the real prize here is to illuminate the cache that your house smells of the built-in black light. $ 109.99 takes all.
Ultraviolet disinfection
Ultraviolet light to kill the only good vampire, or want to give you skin cancer? Think again. To sterilize - razor blades, towels, a variety of devices with UV light from all Violight and Company, your toothbrush ($ 50 $ 30) to clean up a variety of tools to maintain. The same company also ($ 39.99) UV's - so you can clean the Mobile, the iPhone does not have an embryo inches from your mouth full. Dipped in Purell hand sanitizer at the end will probably void your warranty.
Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner for
The bathroom, we clean the place themselves. So, what can be so bad Why?
Waste of soap and mold, the experience of your morning shower can be really unpleasant to build, and probably do not have time to go, and those cleaned regularly. Please enter the scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner to be hung from the cleaning solution spray bath and shower at the push of a button. Product review exactly enthusiastic users of Amazon and complained of short battery life more expensive charging low quality, not. If it is a breeding ground for bacteria and shower you with $ 25 per unit, it might be worth a try there.
Swimming robot
You can rent a pool vacuum to the lower edge of the pond away from children. Order or alternatively, the robot can trust to work.
In some companies, the seafood to make both manual and automatic models, including a crawling robot to make the smoke and debris across the floor of your pool. And you during the summer to keep it clean, if nuking the disease using a chlorine pool, you sound future floatron, purify water, to reduce about 80% chlorine Solar floating plate can be used, you can buy. It will take $ 300.
One-touch kitchen faucet
It is oriented "prevention" is from the school. After kneading the dough, then cut up the chicken I do not think you have an annoying hands many times, please go to the sink to wash your hands. But then you, then you should wash your hands again, you will need to be washed. Tap, perhaps covered with Salmonella on hands, get messy.
That cycle, vicious mess, which can be made to avoid tapping the touch as you and Delta. Even without ever leaving his own faucet, water faucet body parts on and off (eg, clean yet elbow) on tap anywhere. As you look at public toilets, combining it with automatic soap dispensers, sinks have cut down considerably the spread of germs.
You can smash a proper trash compactor just because you do not just slide the hands and feet packed in dirt, not what I mean is no more efficient. Smash can look like a trash ordinary reduction with built-in lid waste, trash and never opened (to break the cover, or except that you have a device like an accordion in your kitchen You will make measurements), on its own. Cost of $ 129 off (or shoes) to save money on trash bags to hold your hand and covered themselves with the garbage.


5 House Unique and Bizarre Future to Favorites

From time immemorial, man has to dream about the future from you. Advances in treatment of deadly diseases neutral undefeated? Scientific progress, or will lead to exploration of a distant star system? Development of architecture, animated TV show "The Jetsons" as the house I see all the curves like?
Century decades in the mid 20th century, regardless of the uniform film, and the destination location, home of the future depicted in television shows as well. Three bedroom apartment in Honolulu, the Duluth, looks exactly like the house of champagne and concave.

We have now is a full decade ago in 2001, home of the future, as a quick look outside shows that never caught on film are portrayed fairly. Participants are still under construction. It's just that people change the priority, the house has been designed-looking sustainability and energy efficiency. This concern is an architect, border, provides an opportunity to push to try something new destructive taboo.

Some of the bold designs, some bizarre, and some never seem to go to the drawing board. However, they will create a new rule addresses the current challenges and all.
Several important examples of new homes in the future what is? Please check these cool houses futuresque.

Icelandic birds
Iceland, the architect, that birds are protected by the transplant and how to sit at your home address as well as enjoy the natural confusion of the past? Located in Kuala Lumpur, at home, this is very possible that silicon glass exterior "skin" has. This change in the permeability of the wall, people will get a shady canopy of drinking in the view of all of its glory, can be closed or completely.

Icelandic birds also collects rainwater and sustainable livelihoods, and the outer skin using solar energy and wind power. Placement of structures in the metaphor of other energy efficiency dock. It allows Lotus to distribute and nearby natural water for cooling and energy recovery in this way.

Home Airdrop
Airdrop house is missing the stage of artistic expression is not so very positive future and that anyone, we will wait until the distant future. But hopefully it is they are designed to provide emergency shelter to victims to become too often not necessary.

This house, in response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, was designed by architect Andrew Maynard, after Hurricane Katrina. The house is to contain the air and fell to the affected areas as emergency shelter. Design, the food and shade, you can donate a plant that grows on the surface.

Dupli Casa
Many houses, and its creator, but has been building what we call it, Dupli Casa, J. Mayer H. Architects of Germany, in fact, explained, "a futuristic design." live up to. In fact, a 2009 article entitled, website fall "House of the world's most futuristic design."
Dupli Casa in Ludwigsburg, Germany is close to three floors. Dramatically, with the windows up to their strategic tilt to provide the best view of the surroundings in the bedroom from the core of this structure. Modern Literature by David Chipperfield is sitting across the valley to the town of Marbach am Neckar, is a museum of vision.
Combine Homes
Karim Rashid is the architect behind the building looks impressive comb. Rashid was born in Egypt, Italy and studied in Canada, he has his own web site has produced more than 3,000 designs.
In order to minimize the impact on the environment, cutting-edge technology combines home. Water is heated by solar panels, rain water and reuse of the structure of gray. It consists only of recyclable materials such as wood or glass, can be partially rebuilt and brought out ... it should not occur at all otherwise.
Shell House
Someone Karuizawa, Japan, jumped, and when looking at the roof of the shell, it might have overlooked that we have a house full. Assignments are developed in Japan ARTechnic Architects, has an unusual exterior design is like a spaceship about to turn the cannoli.
Structure of elliptic curves, on Trendir site "out of this world" and described as the impression is created before or after anything. When actually it is you, it, however, have the principles of sound design behind it, and so benefit from natural light and internal texture, you can feel at home.


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25 Creative Tramp Stamp Tattoos

Many women are getting Tramp Stamp these days; many guys are drooling over them. The lower back tattoo, also known as a tramp stamp or ass antlers, is becoming more and more common. And since so many people are getting the lower back tattoo, we must ask...have tramp stamps gained any class over time? Have they become acceptable for "good girls"? In a word: No. Ask any group of guys, "What do you think of a girl with a lower back tattoo versus a girl without one?" You will quickly find your answer.

Facebook Profile Dress

The work of emerging Romanian designer, Lana Dumitru, this somewhat revealing Facebook dress allows you to show your faccebook profile and a whole lot more. It was part of her graduation collection which tracks woman’s evolution ‘from the initial stage of nudity up to her upgraded virtual level of being’. Indeed.

Amazing Dragon Illusion

This is a terrific optical illusion! As you move around the dragon, it will appear to follow you, turn its head and nod up and down... but it's not really moving at all!

Hello kitties! The fashion felines who will make your hair stand on end

These fashionable felines are hot to trot - as they model a series of incredible kitty outfits.
The costumes include frilly boots, jackets, hats and even wigs and feature in a brand new book called Fashion Cats.
The moggies also don spectacular period dress and even a Harry Potter Hogwart's uniform. 

Cat Fashion
Cat Fashion

Fashion Cats features designer Takako Iwasa's cats Princess Prin and Prince Kotaro in a number of spectacular outfits

The book is the brainchild of Japanese designer Takako Iwasa, who got the idea for a feline range after dressing up her pet cats Princess Prin and Prince Kotaro.
She said: 'Costumes for dogs have been popular for 20 years - but we didn't have costumes for cats because we believe cats groom themselves and don't like clothes.

'But I met my cat, Prin, and suddenly thought "I want to dress her up".
'Without costumes she is just an ordinary cat but when she wears costumes she looks so amazing, completely out of this world.

Cat Fashion
Cat Fashion

Takako began dressing her cats for fun but now runs an online store selling kitty fashions
'It started as fun but I soon opened an online store and it grew from there. A lot of people were interested - the demand was huge.'
Takako decks her cats in over sixty purrfect outfits in the book including wedding veils and elephant costumes.

Takako added: 'They really enjoy getting dressed up. It's just like a big family photo for me so I am pleased other people can share in the joy.
'They are like fashion chameleons dressing like frogs, bunnies, Victorian school marms and Parisian ladies - you name it.
'After taking the picture I always give them a big hug and say thank you.'


Barking mad! Meet the woman who spends £15,000 a year raising her six bulldogs like CHILDREN

A dog-loving woman has revealed she spends £15,000-per-year raising her six British bulldogs like children - with their own wardrobes, organic diets and beauty regimes. 
Karen Chamberlain, 49, and partner Peter Dowling, 48, have christened their six bulldogs 'fur kids' and feed them only organic food with daily vitamin supplements.
The dog-mad pair dress their bulldogs, who each have their own wardrobes, in skirts, hats, tiaras and angel wings, and take them out for walks on matching pink leads.
Walkies! Karen Chamberlain takes a trip with Lady Lola, eight, Princess Tia, six, Baby Gracie, three, and one-year-old puppies Angel Star, Scarlet Sky and Lil Belle
Walkies! Karen Chamberlain takes a trip with Lady Lola, eight, Princess Tia, six, Baby Gracie, three, and one-year-old puppies Angel Star, Scarlet Sky and Lil Belle
Lady Lola, eight, Princess Tia, six, Baby Gracie, three, and one-year-old pups Angel Star, Scarlet Sky and Lil Belle also use special canine shampoo and beauty products daily.
The pack cost Karen and Peter over £1,225 a month, which equates to a staggering £14,700 a year.
But Karen, the dogs' full-time carer, insists treating the pack like children is 'normal' despite revealing plans to move to a bigger house to cope with more puppies.

She said: 'It's like having six teenage girls really. They can get a bit hyper but if any of them misbehave they get put in the sin bin.
'I've bought them all special beds, but they still insist on coming and sitting on the sofa with us. I had to buy a new sofa this week so we can all fit on.
'Bathtime is mental in this house. I aim for two in the bath at one time. They have doggie shampoo and then a blow dry.
'They eat raw organic foods and instead of doggie treats which have lots of rubbish in them they get dried apricots which they love.
Smile: From left to right are Princess Tia, Lady Lola and Baby Gracie

Smile: From left to right are Princess Tia, Lady Lola and Baby Gracie
'You are what you eat. If you have children you make sure they eat healthy foods and look after them so it is the same with my dogs.

'Every spare penny goes on the dogs. They are my fur kids. This is our family and normal life for us.'
Karen and painter and decorator Peter, from Kennington, Kent, got their first bulldog in 2000 and their pack has increased ever since.

They care for their bulldogs like children and give them unusual treats such as organic biscuits, fresh honey and goats milk, and parsley to cure bad breath.
Karen gives the dogs salmon oil or omega oil every day, multi-vitamins every three days and cod liver oil every week to keep their coats shiny.
The bulldogs' eyes, ears and noses are washed with fragrance-free wipes every morning and they are given a bath with puppy shampoo weekly before being taken to the groomer every month. 
The dogs also have their own bedroom, which is filled with tailor-made outfits and accessories sourced from special designer canine shops and baby stores.
Canine in the closet: Karen chooses a pink frock for one of her 'fur kids'
Canine in the closet: Karen chooses a pink frock for one of her 'fur kids'
The British bulldogs all have their own leather beds with Egyptian cotton quilts and receive individually wrapped birthday presents and Christmas stockings of over £100 a year.
The couple spend £200 a month on organic meat and fresh organic vegetables to make the dogs' food as well as £200 on vitamins and supplements.
They shell out £100 a month on grooming products, £75 on clothes and tiaras and £200 on dog insurance.
The remaining money, totalling £1,225 a month, is spent on toys, blankets, treats, baby wipes, dog sitters and expensive vet bills and insurance.
Karen shows her pack at Crufts dog show every year and they have featured in calendars and on cards dressed up in their special outfits.

She added: 'I had two bulldogs, but when I met Pete we kept egging each other on and got more and more.
'It is so hard to give away puppies after we have bred them.
'We do dress our bulldogs up and have fun with them, but they are fit, healthy and happy dogs and I make sure they stay that way.

'Unregistered puppy breeders give this breed of dog a bad name. It makes me cry when I see all the ill and deformed dogs they are trying to sell.'
Peter added: 'They've got a lovely temperament but they're a bit like a bulldog in a china shop. They will have everything over.
'Hopefully we're going to breed some more but we need to get a bigger place.' 

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