Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time has no impact on Claudia Schiffer

It is amazing how some people look like they aren’t aging and growing old at all. It is like they’ve signed a pact with the devil. Claudia Schiffer is definitely one of those people. Just have a look at her photos below for Mango, Spanish fashion house and you’ll see how beautiful and natural she still looks, even though she was born in 1970. Really amazing! Good for you Claudia. Please tell me your secret!
claudia schiffer01
claudia schiffer02
claudia schiffer03
claudia schiffer04
claudia schiffer05
claudia schiffer06
claudia schiffer07
claudia schiffer08
claudia schiffer09
claudia schiffer10
claudia schiffer11
claudia schiffer12
claudia schiffer13
claudia schiffer14



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