Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This Animal So Fat!!

Obesity is one of the world’s leading health concerns, particularly in America, due to an increasingly sedentary life style, poor diet, and overall social and economic changes. The widespread growth of fast food and the decrease in physical activity has lead to increasing health problems, and obesity costs America hundreds of billions of dollars every year alone, and the issue also is causing problems in other nations and regions as well. For the most part, animals don’t have access to fast food, and their lifestyle requires them to remain active, but one could pose the question: “What if animals were fat?” Well, here are some photos showing how that would look like.
fat animals01
fat animals02
fat animals03
fat animals04
fat animals05
fat animals06
fat animals07
fat animals08
fat animals09
fat animals10
fat animals11
fat animals12
fat animals13
fat animals14
fat animals15
fat animals16
fat animals17
fat animals18
fat animals19
fat animals20


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