Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pics Devil In Hole Caves in Mecca

Pics Devil In Hole Caves in Mecca
Photographer claimed was the original image, not engineered. When photographed, he did not see it. It was not until after the printed image, it seems clear demon. Was hung on the wall of a cave.

Blog News found this photo in the original demon Iwasabducted site's Paul Schroeder. Figure creature called the devil is photographed by a friend of his wife in Mecca. At that time - no mention of the year - the photographer and his friends were traveling to historical places in the Middle East.After returning home, he was processing the film from this camera. He was very surprised to see a picture of Satan. Then he met his spiritual teacher, a ustadzah, and explained that it was the image of Satan in one form.
Subhanallah! She made copies of the picture, my wife took one, and I scanned it for you to see .... The last sentence of the letter Accompanying this pix was, "May Allah protect us all from devils." Subhanallah! She reproduce the photograph, to my wife one, and I scan to see. The last sentence in the letter sent with this picture is, "May Allah protect us from the devil."Taking pictures of ghosts and spirits
Recently there was the reader Blog News, Muhammad Sarpan, which provides easy tips on how to photograph ghosts or spirits. He himself had often done. That is the picture with the camera, turning on the flash in places where the dark


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