Monday, December 20, 2010

Bob Tuck ventures into his loft...and comes out with a jack-knifed BOC Seddon Atkinson for Biglorryblog!

Bob Tuck's been up in the loft! And he says: "Hi Brian, I was always a keen advocate of carrying my camera around as you never knew what you would see. Back in 1987 I was on the traffic department of Cleveland Police and went to this incident on Portrack Roundabout. Many truck drivers of old collected ICI fertiliser from just off this roundabout. Nothing too pulsating in the incident but it made me think that you don't seem to see as many jack knife motors as you once did - great stuff.. " Given the 'high visibility' of the above BOC livery I never did see why they wanted to change it. Now click through here to see how it ended up...
Bob continues: "Although the highlight of the day was seeing Robsons Mammoth Major hook on the front. As you can see it was still using trade plates - can any of the Army tell me about the two different types of trade plate? In the Police we had a mnemonic to remember what they were - and what you could do with them.  Bob, Happy Days."



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