Monday, December 20, 2010

Big nose bonneted UNIC on Biglorryblog...classic Continental carriers rule!

Famille Michel saw the recent post on Biglorryblog from old Continental truck show featuring bonneted UNICs and he's sent me this cracker and he says: "Here's a picture of an old Unic 'type Izoard' like had a few days ago on Paris Motor Show.The engine was a 150hp six-cylinder in-line while the gearbox had a 4 main-range with an air-electrical split layout which was quite modern at this time.Best regards.F MICHEL.". Whose was the engine I wonder?
F.Michel has since come back to me to say: "Thank you for publishing the old Unic picture.The engine was self built by Unic in its factory from Puteaux close to Paris.The  150 HP ,6 cylinders engine was with 3 cylinder heads fixed.It could also be equipped with Eberspacher turbo to boost power for 30hp."


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