Monday, December 20, 2010

Big bubble bulkers on Biglorryblog from 'The Keeper of the Flame'...what are they like to drive?

'Keeper of the Flamer' Martin Phippard raises an important question..namely: "Hi Brian, I don't know about you but I have often wondered why the Swedes go in for this superb but doubtless expensive individual hopper/sphere system for their animal feed trucks. But no doubt someone from your Anorak Army will enlighten me. Meanwhile here's a few wonderful examples from the archives of the Falkenberg body-builder, Interconsult...." And click through here for more mult-bubble bulkers!
I don't know about you Martin but whenever I see one of these rigs I always feel as if the CoG should be higher than a regular 'complete' tanker.... but is it the case I wonder? Does anyone in the BLB army have any experience of operating/driving these rigs??
but they are certainly eye-catching.
"Of course even their regular powder tankers look good," adds Martin, "And I know you like a T-Line..." Guilty as charged your honour!.



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