Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Celebrities Before and After Boob Jobs

With all the time and money at their disposal, you would think that celebrities who decide to get their breasts done have access to the best cosmetic surgeons out there who at least have an idea how to go about performing a boob job. As it turns out, too many female celebrities enter a plastic surgeon’s office and come out looking like they’ve been forced to swallow coconuts (or in some cases, watermelons) only to have them lodged inside their chests. Some celebrities also find their implants eventually rippling, and the effect, to say the least, is absolutely gross.

Check out the differences between before and after, then tell me your feeling.

Heidi Montag

Victoria Beckham

Pamela Anderson

Lindsay Lohan

Britney Spears

Tila Tequila

Amy Winehouse

Christina Aguilera

Janet Jackson


Nicole Richie

Kellie Pickler

Sarah Jessica Parker

Tara Reid

Tori Spelling



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