Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weird and Artistic Guitar Models

I'm Sure that all of you have familiar with this kind of plucked instrument, yeah a guitar, from the past until now there's no change to it's appearance, it still shaped like that, only a few models are showing the uniqueness and the breakthrough carving like this weird and artistic guitar models, the guitar below are the weirdest ever. and maybe it's rare. OK so do you wanna check this out?? Enjoy

1. The Wangcaster:

This is the man's guitar.. show your gentle with this wangcaster.. look at it's shape, just guess it what it looks?? even the models are like a cort stratocaster but this models are far more cooler, the body are made from a Cherry wood

2. Angel Sword Guitar:

This guitar are a creation of Takamizawa Guitarist, one of the famous rock band in jaoan, and takamizawa are known with his weird and unique guitar models, usually his guitar are use a gothic theme. find out more on here

3. Gun Guitar

In japanese yamaha store this guitar are priced for $700 do you want it?? you can use it to fire your enemy too.. just kidding heheheh

4. Ibanez Tripleneck

This Guitar are belong to steve vai.. he used that guitar on G3 Performance in denver when he play "I Know you're here" that's really an amazing song.. and as far as i know, these triple neck guitar are a sound rich guitar while it have three different sound.. for lower neck it's a fretless sound. and the upper neck are a 12 string rich sound.. and in the middleneck that was an ordinary sounded.

5.Gladiator Triple Omega

This guitar are world's Sharpest guitar in this world.. beware of your hand.. hehehe

6.Ultra Zone Guitar

Invented by Steve vai this Ultra Zone guitar made in 2001 by Alistair Hay of Emerald Guitars (Irlandia). with a luxurious paint that can change the golden color from gold into green and red (based on the light level)

7. Pikasso

This Instrument are made by canadian artist Linda Manzer.This guitar has 42 string. played by [at metheney.. check more of this in Pikasso Guitar

8.Guitar + Bass + Skateboard = Skatar

WTF??? what is this?? are you calling this a guitar?? yeah actually this is a mixture of guitar, bass and Skateboard.. hmm weird

9. Naked Chick Guitar

Hmmm... a man should love this guitar.. it's really cool man.. heheheheh so do you want to try this weird guitar??

10. 4th of July Guitar

This guitar are a symbol of american patriotism, beside have a shape of american map, another uniqueness from this guitar are it's carved object are detail looks like an eagle head.. Cool..

So How about it?? which one is your favorite?? hehehe wanna see another weirdest guitar models?? you can find it here on Unusual Guitar Models

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